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Tax Day 2018: We Get 2 Extra Days This Year
I've been sweating trying to get my taxes finished by April 15th, only to realize that we're getting a couple extra days this year. If you need to file an extension, here's what you need to know.
Craigslist Has a List of 5000 of Their Favorite Ads
This will consume you for the entire weekend, looking through thousands of the most hilarious ads on Craigslist. There's a handful of their picks that come from Minnesota that are noteworthy in there too.
Sauk Centre Featured on Huge National Website
This isn't the first time Sauk Centre has been mentioned on this website, but it's the first time an entire article was written specifically about it. If you've ever been there then you'll know exactly why!
Are We Going to Miss our Fishing Opener?
It's usually been a close call for the Governor's fishing opener when it comes to official 'ice-out' being declared for Minnesota lakes. This year may go down in history at this rate.