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Minnesota #2 in the U.S. for Working Moms
Raising a family isn't easy by any means. When you need to be a working mom it's downright stressful. If you're a working mom in Minnesota, consider yourself lucky compared to other states.
10 Dumbest Cities in Minnesota
Minnesota is ranked 2nd in the US for the smartest states, BUT, there are still a few dumb cities in MN. Here's the top 10 dumbest!
That Drone You Got Could Get You in Huge Trouble
A drone flying over a fire forced an air tanker helicopter to land while trying to extinguish a large fire north of Little Falls the other day, and law enforcement is looking for its owner.
Minnesota Ranked 6th in the Nation for Nurses
With the nursing industry expected to double in size in the next few years, more people are choosing nursing as their career choice even though there are stresses that come with the job.
Central Minnesota New Dating Option: It's Facebook!
The St. Cloud area hasn't had a dating option for a couple months now since Craigslist took their 'Personals' section down. Now there's a new option thanks to Facebook, the world's largest social media network!
Minnesota Ranked 10th Among Most Fun States
There is nothing worse than living in a state that's not very exciting with things to do and fun. Here's why Minnesota ranked 10th, and also who's the least fun state. Can you guess who it is?
What Would You Consider the Best Album on Vinyl? [POLL]
I've heard it many times, that vinyl is by far the best way to listen to music. There are authentic sounds that only vinyl can relay versus CD's and tape. I curious what the 'must have' record is for a collection?
Minnesota Not Part of the Extra Hot Summer this Year
We're barely going to get a full spring this year, and now it looks like Minnesota is going to miss the abnormally hot summer the rest of the U.S. is expected to get. Depending who you are, this could be good or bad news.
Pet Treat Recall: Could Kill Both Pets and Owners
If you have a dog or cat then you need to read this carefully. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is warning about a dog treat recall because it can cause death in animals and their owners.
Central Minnesota May Have a Social Media Problem
If you've posted to social media lately and you're looking for a job, you may want to start getting rid of some of that questionable content that makes you look like a recluse. Employers are watching!