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Baxter's Attic, Cream I Feel Free
Check out how young the boys are in this video. Clapton looks like he's about 17. Classic Cream in The Attic this morning.
Baxter's World, Don't be a Loser, Don't be a Left Lane Cruiser
It never ceases to amaze me that all drivers do not know this already. Left lane is for passing only.  It's not an option. Watch the video for further information.
WARNING: Travel over the speed limit at your own risk. Just don't drive stupid
Dear Baxter, I Took A Cosmopolitan Magazine Test With My Wife. No
Hey Baxter,
I'm new to all this marriage stuff. Recently, my new wife asked me to take a couples quiz in Cosmopolitan Magazine. All was going well until the question, How many sexual partners have you had?  Well, my answer was over 100 and hers was 2...