In a new interview, Slash says he's not interested in working with his former lead singer  and "the door's shut on this side". 

Slash recently sat down with Classic Rock Magazine and when asked about a possible reunion with Velvet Revolver, Slash basically answered with not just no, but hell to the no.

The only reason the subject came up was because now that Scott Weiland has officially been kicked out of Stone Temple Pilots again, he said he would like to reboot Velvet Revolver and the rest of the band isn't having it and that Scott is "on his own." Slash claims the only former member of Velvet Revolver that may possibly be interested is Wasted Youth guitarist Dave Kushner, but he, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan are busy with other projects and they "don't have a good professional relationship with Scott."

Currently Slash says he's happy doing his solo thing. His latest record, Apocalyptic Love came out in 2012. Duff is working with his Seattle-based band Loaded and Matt is drumming for a group called Diamond Baby.