If you haven't purchased your Mega-Millions lottery ticket yet, you still have a few hours. The drawing for 540M is set for 10pm Central Time and the suspense is palpable. I've never played a lottery ticket in my life, but my instincts and this jackpot have me convinced that I'm due.

But I can't rely on instinct alone, so for the past week I've communed with two psychics, danced around a fire naked with a witch doctor and consulted ancient Sumerian texts . The most surprising thing I found was that the ancient Sumerians had a really hard time texting with just a chisel and a tablet. Carpal Tunnel and dust everywhere... and it was very dangerous throwing those rectangular rocks from window to window.

At any rate, after all the research, the occult rituals and rubbing my two stones together, I've been able to ascertain a mystical sequence of numbers that have been deemed lucky by not only Norse Gods, but the highly secret bookmaking organization known only as The Society of Papal Lotto Lancers.

After much pleading by friends and family, I've decided to reveal the numbers. Just click here to see the numbers I've chosen to win the Mega-Millions Jackpot Lotto. But don't play them. You'll jinx it for me. But I promise you, IF I win, I'll share 10% of the winnings amongst everyone who clicks the Facebook 'Like' button at the bottom of this article!