Believe it or not it takes some skill to pack your cooler that will benefit you for your trip, event, party or whatever. Hopefully these tips will help.

One of the main keys to packing the cooler is get an early start to get things cold and early enough before the ice melts (2 hours roughly), I've found that beneficial.

Bagged ice works well especially between beer cans and such. Save the ice tray ice for drinks.

Okay let's pack this baby: layer your cans in first before ice, you can easily pack more that way, then add your bottles, wine last, in fact; on top beer needs to be colder than your wine.

Add your ice then when that's done pour water over the ice, that will help keep cool them down at a faster pace. I've always found the slushy water is great for your beer, soft drinks etc...

If your cooler gets full, another cooler or fridge, or maybe even the sink is a great secondary way to keep extra beverages cold. Maybe even have an extra cooler for ice as to keep people from depleting your ice supply that's keeping your drinks cold.

Hope these tips help. Now let's go have a beer and let the party begin.