When one sits and tries to figure out song titles for an album, the title, 'Songwriter' couldn't be more fitting for an artist who's penned many classic rock standards.

When an artist writes classic's like, "Nights in White Satin", "The Story in Your Eyes" and "Tuesday Afternoon" one can only expect great things to come. Justin wrote all the tracks on the original release of 'Songwriter', later on Buddy Holly's "Learning The Game" was added as a bonus.

'Songwriter' was produced by Tony Clarke (produced The Moody Blues albums from mid 60's to late 70's)  and Hayward. The album charted at #37 in the US and #28 in the UK.

The album is available in LP,CD and MP3.

Original LP track list:

  1. "Tightrope"
  2. "Songwriter Part 1"
  3. "Songwriter Part 2"
  4. "Country Girl"
  5. "One Lonely Room'

Side Two:

  1. "Lay it on Me"
  2. "Stage Door"
  3. Raised on Love"
  4. "Doin' Time"
  5. "Nostradamus"

Bonus Tracks (1987)

  • "Marie"
  • "Learning The Game" (Buddy Holly)

Up next his album from 1980, 'Night Flight'

Attached is 12 videos all tracks from album "Songwriter" (Enjoy)