'A View From The Hill' album was probably as close to the sound of a Moody Blues album without actually being one ( exception: the absence of keyboards).Once again it's back to the drawing board and let's do some writing as Justin did for this album, he penned just about all the songs on 'A View From The Hill'. One of his writing and singing strengths has always been : ballads and before you know it a new album is born.

The CD track list:

  1. "I Heard It"
  2. "Broken Dream"
  3. "The Promised Land"
  4. "It's Not Too Late"
  5. "Something to Believe In"
  6. "The Way of the World"
  7. "Sometimes Less is More"
  8. "Troubadour"
  9. "Shame"
  10. "Billy"
  11. "Children of Paradise"

The album is available on Cd,Cassette and MP3.

His most current album is 'Spirits of the Western Sky', (2013) click on the link.

Attached is video of the song, "Broken Dream"  performed 'Live".