Justin Hayward a crucial part to The Moody Blues success has also found success as a solo artist which for him started in 1975.

Justin's solo releases,however; varied in degrees of both critical and commercial success, there were times as a solo artist the sound of The Moody Blues was very distinct yet he demonstrated that he is able to stretch beyond the that trademark of sound.

The albums I will cover with brief notes and track lists started in 1975 with, 'Blue Jays', in 1977 'Songwriter', in 1980 'Night Flight', in 1985 ' Moving Mountains', in 1989 'Classic Blue', in 1996 'The View From The Hill' and 2013 ' Spirits Of The Western Sky'.

Follow the tabs at the bottom of each page to see a video, track list or click on the album titles above to go directly to each album. Enjoy the music of Justin Hayward.