With Spring here, also comes getting the winter filth out of our home and getting it clean for the Summer ahead. Most people forget to clean these things that are just nasty filthy.

my wife and I have dogs and we're always cleaning the basics constantly. With temps in central Minnesota starting to hit the 60's frequently now, we open the windows and that fresh air brings on the desire to do some deeper cleaning to rid winter once and for all.

Of course we clean toilets, scrub tubs/showers, vacuum carpets and mop floors. Those are basics, but you can't forget the other things that we use daily yet never seem to clean.

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    Remote controls

    These are just nasty with bacteria and need to be cleaned at least weekly, but we rarely do. Why do we wipe down the remote at a hotel, but not at home?!?! We eat and watch TV all the time, and our hands transfer disgusting remote filth to our food!

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    Door handles

    Door handles hold so much gross bacteria it's not even funny. Think about how your dirty hands grab the handle in every room, or even how many different hands turn the handle to open your front door! If you took a swabbed bacteria count, you'd probably wear rubber gloves to open the door from now on. Disinfect those things on a regular basis. The same goes for your car handles, inside and out.

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    Old sponges and cleaning pads

    If you're like us, you have a cleaning pail that you put all your cleaning supplies in as you run around each room. When's the last time you tossed out that sponge or green scrubbing pad? You probably just wash them off and toss them back in the empty bucket before you put them away. These items end up being dirtier than the surfaces you're cleaning, so you end up wiping bacteria all over the place. Replace them often!

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    Garbage cans

    How often do you clean the can that you put all your nasty garbage in? It's a huge oversight that you don't think about. You touch it every day, and every time you pull out the full garbage bag you're releasing mold, and whatever else is growing in there, into the air of your home. Even if it looks OK, make it a habit of spraying out the can every once in a while with some soapy water to make it as clean as the new bag you're putting back into it.

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    Cell and house phones

    You've probably heard that phones are dirtier than your toilet, and it's 100% correct. This is based on the number of bacteria particles found in a measured area. If you've ever seen anybody opt out of touching another person's phone, they're smart. They are gross to touch, especially when you know that 1 in 6 phones have a trace of fecal matter on them. Simply wipe them down with an electronic's grade alcohol frequently and they'll clean right up. Also, please stop taking your phone in the bathroom with you. That's just nasty...

    Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images