There's an old saying "age before beauty", no matter where you live. Sure, St. Cloud is a dating hub because of all the colleges, but don't forget about the benefits of dating older women!

By no means am I college age, nor am I on the dating scene...but there's a LOT of guys around here that are on the lookout for the love of their live. With Valentines Day around the corner, keep some of these benefits of dating an older mature woman in mind while you seek out that perfect mate.

First things first though. Guys, you have to know what you're looking for. Answer these couple questions, then go onto the benefits part:

  1. Do you know what qualities you desire in a woman?
  2. Have you dated somebody before and know what turns you off?
  3. Are you somebody a woman would want to date? Marry?
  4. Does age matter to you, or is it all about the "connection"?
  5. Are your lifelong friends all dating younger women?
  6. Do you only look at women for the physical turn-on?

Now, onto the benefits of what older women have over younger women...

According to, dating an older woman has its pros and cons, but way more perks than hassles. Here are some of the key points, mentioned in their article, that shows just 'why' life can be so much better with an older woman by your side.

  • Maturity - She's grown up, so the time you spend together will be very valuable.
  • No time for games - Older women are busy. They've had time to plan their life.
  • Sexual peak in their mid-30's - Combined with experience, the bedroom can be unbelievable.
  • Dating experience - They've been there, done that. She's straight-forward and knows what she wants, and not afraid to make it clear.
  • She has her own life - There usually isn't a need for your 24-hour attention and she enjoys her 'girl time' alone or with her girlfriends.

There's no suggestion that some younger women don't have these qualities, but there's a much higher chance these appealing qualities are obvious in an older mature, woman.