The old team that is new again in 2 ways begins their fight for the Northwoods League Championship tonight in Duluth.

Field Manager Augie Rodriguez said Tuesday that The Rox will have 19 to 20 players ready for the Husky game tonight, which includes 11 position players. The coach checked in from the locker room in Duluth on The Rox FB page earlier today with a quick video preview of the game.

Rodriguez says he does have some players that can pitch and hit but is happy he doesn’t have to begin the season with pitchers hitting.  Rodriguez plans to start  5’8 170 pounder Alex Roberts from Newberry College on the mound tonight.

The LOON takes to the field with The Rox  for their Saturday night home opener, as SLOAN goes live on The LOON from Joe Faber Field, with pre-game fun around 5:45. The Rox and Moondogs take the field at 7:05. Make sure you stay for the whole game, because there are fireworks scheduled after the final out.

The LOON hosts several games this season, in addition to the home opener. You can listen in the days prior to our games and win tickets.