ST. JOSEPH -- After nearly two years of debate St. Joseph may be getting a dog park.

St. Joseph city council member, Matt Killam says the council recently approved the park board to put $10,000 towards the development of a dog park in Millstream Park. Killam says the $10,000 is half of the funds needed to move the project forward, the other $10,000 will need to come as donations from the community.

St. Joseph community member, MaryBeth Munden is leading all fundraising initiatives for the development of the dog park. Munden says so far they are off to a good start.

"We recently received a very generous donation from the St. Joseph Lions of $1,000 and so we are at $9,000 now that we have to raise."

The deadline set by the city to raise the remaining $9,000 is set for December 1, 2018 but Munden says the community has a stricter deadline.

"Hopefully we'll be able to raise that amount by spring [2017], so we can get the fence up and the dog park started."

The dog park will be in the southwest corner of Millstream Park and it will take up a little over an acre of land.

Munden says depending on the amount of donations gathered by spring, she will consider hosting some fundraising events.

"We're looking at potentially doing a 5K in the spring just in case we need to sum up and get a little bit of that additional [funds] we might need. This winter we are looking at a couple events however nothing that has completely come together yet."

If you would like to donate to the dog park fund you can fill out a form at St. Joseph City Hall. Donations can be made by cash, check or money order, all donations will be refunded if the funds aren't raised by the city deadline.