Ozzy Osbourne is being given a pretty prestigious honor and the stars are lining up to help out.

Ozzy Osbourne is being honored by the MusiCares MAP Fund for his dedication to the organization, which helps alcoholics and drug addicts through the recovery process, which I know (and Ozzy knows) is not an easy one. I found myself in treatment before I could even legally drink. It didn’t stick the first go ‘round, but lucky for me, the second time I was a little older, a little wiser and had a little more to lose. I also had someone to help me through it the second time around, and that’s what Ozzy is being recognized for.

We laugh about Ozzy’s indistinguishable speech, his constant cussing and his antics around the house that were captured on his hit MTV reality show, but drug addiction and alcoholism are nothing to laugh about, and Ozzy is all too familiar with that. Sharon kicked him out last year after he fell off the wagon again.

Ozzy will be given the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award to recognize his devotion to others that were in his same shoes.

Joe Walsh has been tapped with giving the presentation, as well as performing at the event. Others slated to appear include Metallica and Slash.

The benefit concert and awards ceremony will take place in L.A. on May 12.