Just this past weekend I discovered this show on Netflix, and it was so good I want to make sure you know 'Lilyhammer' exists. Who would have thought that after 'The Sopranos' Steve Van Zandt would be back to play a mobster so soon?

The E Street Band guitarist visited CBS 'This Morning' on Friday to talk about the new show, the new album, and the upcoming tour. Steve said it was "just too much fun" playing a mobster in the Witness Protection Program exiled to Norway in the show titled 'Lilyhammer'. You have to check this out if you haven't already. It's really good.

Van Zandt did make it clear that music still comes first. Steve is going to be a busy man very soon - the new Bruce Springsteen album 'Wrecking Ball' goes on store shelves tomorrow and the band will hit the road starting March 18th in Atlanta.