It wasn't quite a South Dakota stage but it was enough to send him to the hospital.

And since when is Aerosmith performing again?

Steven Tyler reportedly took what was described as a "nasty fall" in a hotel shower in Paraguay on Tuesday night (October 25th), according to Multiple reports out of the country, where Aerosmith was scheduled to perform that night, say that the 63-year-old singer smashed his face, knocked out several teeth and had to go to a local hospital after falling in the shower in his room at the Bourbon Hotel.

The country's largest newspaper, ABC, said that Tyler spent about three hours in the hospital for cuts near his eyebrow and mouth. The singer also lost two of his teeth, according to Reuters. Sources later told TMZ that Tyler was suffering from dehydration as a result of food poisoning, which led him to collapse in the shower.

The  gig in Asuncion, Paraguay was canceled and rescheduled for tonight but after experiencing food poisoning - if you've never had, it's impossible to describe how sick you become - and losing teeth and smashing his face, I don't exactly get how he'll perform so soon.