It's been nearly 20 years since Stone Temple Pilots released their landmark debut album, Core, and the group is pondering what to do mark the milestone.

Guitarist Dean DeLeo tells Rolling Stone  "What I'd like to see happen is the band go out and do more intimate shows -- really lovely theaters around the country. Smaller shows, doing the first album in its entirety, and then maybe take requests."

DeLeo says that there were not sufficient alternate takes and leftover material to fill an expanded reissue of Core, but he does say there are numerous live recordings of core matrial he'd like to see released.

"We didn't multi-track record that stuff. There's no fixes, so they'd sound incredible if we just master them . . . this is the true essence of the band -- no fixing a guitar part or a vocal part. This is the how it went down."

STP is scheduled to begin recording a new album this month.

The band consists of DeLeo, his brother Robert on bass, Eric Kretz on drums and Scott Weiland on vocals.

The full track listing for Core is:

1. Dead and Bloated

2. Sex Type Thing

3. Wicked Garden

4. No Memory

5. Sin

6. Naked Sunday

7. Creep

8. Piece of Pie

9. Plush

10. Wet My Bed

11. Crackerman

12. Where the River Goes