The passing of an icon was sad news for those who appreciated the magic of art that was a gift to our eyes with the album designs from Storm Thorgerson.

When you think about it the art and the music go hand in hand, another great example was the art of Roger Dean (Yes, Asia), Peter Blake (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band), the designers of album covers  don’t usually get the attention, say like the bands do but when we look at the covers we see the magic.

Keep in mind there was no Photoshop back in the day, Storm got recognition creating fantastic vivid graphic descriptions with great emphasis to make his art come alive.

Storm's  most famous creation, the cover of “Dark Side Of The Moon”, defined as a graphic that displays a prism breaking light into various colors.

No explanation needed looking at the design, an album with no name on the cover, no details as to what's inside the sleeve and no 'moon' on the cover. That’s “Dark Side Of The Moon.”

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