For many the annual pilgrimage to biker nirvana is more than a week vacation to the grand entrance of South Dakota's Black Hills and Custer Territory, it's a spiritual journey and a chance to connect with old friends. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is also a rock music lovers dream week. IF you have enough cash, you can see the greatest rock legends, some of the newest rock up-and-comers and even Hollywood stars.

One of the most famous venues is The Broken Spoke . Their website sums up their rich history in Sturgis:

What began 20+ years ago now on Lazelle Street in Sturgis, has become known world-wide as the Biggest Biker Bar on the planet! Jay Allen purchased the property and turned it into the “must visit” Saloon that it is today. If one were given the impossible task to sum up in one line what the Broken Spoke Saloon is, the only description could be, the Motorcycle Museum That Serves Beer!

Other bars and campgrounds have added music stages through the years, most notably The Buffalo Chip Saloon . For years each have managed to bring in a stunning roll of great music.

Full Throttle Saloon burst onto the scene 13 years ago and is only open for 10 days out of the year, during the Rally. Run by Micheal Ballard, Jackyl's front-man Jessie James Dupree,  and an enigmatic former radio personality Goat, who is the MC/DJ. FTS boasts 15,000 guests and party goers each day.

Buffalo Chip and Full Throttle line-ups are usually pretty good and The Broken Spoke delivers as well.



Monday 8/6 - Loverboy and Journey

Tuesday 8/7- Boston

Thursday 8/9 - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Friday 8/10 - Slash

Tuesday 8/7 - Sebastian Bach & Cinderella

Thursday 8/9 - Jackyl

Friday 8/10 - Blackfoot