We all know that the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl 47, but who won the day when it comes to the ads? 

Heart and humor were very prevalent in the extremely memorable ads and everyone seems to think that Budweiser's Clydesdale commercial called "Brotherhood" was the winner for the day. The commercial shows a man raising a Clydesdale foal and sending it off to be a part of Budweiser's prestigious Clydesdale pulling team. The two are later reunited after a parade. As one person put it so eloquently, "We aren't made of stone."

The commercial for Dodge Ram called "The Farmer" with none other than the late, great, Paul Harvey narrating was excellent. Chrysler had the "Made in Detroit" campaign after the government bailout and those ads got a lot of love, so Ram took the serious route with the ad. It was actually a two minute spot. The 30 second ads were selling for around four million dollars, so you can imagine what they paid for two minutes, but it was money well spent.

The Taco Bell ad called "Viva Young" featured old people breaking out of their nursing homes to go and party was laugh out loud funny. They go swimming in someone else's pool, light firecrackers on someone's doorstep and run away and go clubbing, among other things and they end the night at Taco Bell and come back to the nursing home at sunrise.

The E*Trade ad had the talking baby again and I have to say that the campaign is getting a little stale. Don't get me wrong, I like babies, but I think the ad agency needs to come up with something new.

The ad featuring Duane "The Rock" Johnson who's known for fighting aliens and saving the world had him putting off his duties in order to get milk for his kids' cereal was cute, but replace The Rock with Chuck Norris and now you have yourself a Super Bowl caliber commercial.

What was your favorite?