The underarms aren’t the only things that get sweaty. Underboob sweat is real and it’s awful, so now there’s a product that takes care of that. 

For us girls, summer time can be awful. On days when it’s super hot out, our underarm deodorant can mostly handle it, but what about other areas?

I know just from running that underboob sweat can really wreck stuff; especially if you use some sort of powder and that gives out. Now you smell and you have powder everywhere.

Enter: Fresh Breasts Underboob Deodorant.

That’s right, ladies! There’s a product just for us! It’s called Fresh Breasts Underboob Deodorant. You apply it just like it says, under your breasts, allow it to dry and then get dressed just like normal. No powder all over the bathroom and all over your hands and all over your clothes. This is a cream you apply with your finger tips and it’s pretty invisible, so you can use it all the way up to your cleavage. It’s also great for preventing chafing for those of us who have thighs that meet and refuse to wear shorts in public.

Guys, you aren’t being left out, either! There’s also a cream called Fresh Balls and there’s Fresh Feet for smelly shoes.

You’re welcome. Happy summer!