Syd Barrett, YouTube

It's all about the sales, especially in this case as EMI a conservative record label were somewhat pleased with sales from 'The Madcap Laughs' that prompted the okay to order a second album, 'Barrett'.


Syd felt that there was way too much time between start to finish of his debut album which kept it from flourishing. It was a mere few weeks after the debut album was released that he began to work on the second album 'Barrett' which came out in November 1970 (less than a year later).

Unlike the first album, the second album only had one producer, David Gilmour. David played bass on the album, also Richard Wright put in time on it as well playing keyboards and Jerry Shirley on drums (Jerry was with Humble Pie at the time).

Basically if the debut album had taken way too long to produce, Barrett didn't take long enough, according to Gilmour, " Those sessions were done so quickly," Gilmour was quoted as saying the book, 'Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd: Dark Globe'. He also stated, " We were rushing to gigs everyday and had to fit recording sessions in between."

The critics gave higher marks on 'Barrett' than on 'Madcap Laughs', a review from Allmusic said about the album, "a bit fuller and smoother than the first album" regardless the album never charted in the U.S. or the UK.

The album is available on MP3, CD, LP and Cassette with seven alternate takes as bonus tracks on the 2013 reissue.

The track list:

  • "Baby Lemonade"
  • "Love Song"
  • "Dominoes"
  • "It is Obvious"
  • "Rate"
  • "Maisie"
  • "Gigolo Aunt"
  • "Waving My Arms In The Air"
  • "I Never Lied To You"
  • "Wined And Dined"
  • "Wolfpack"
  • "Effervescing Elephant"
  • "Baby lemonade" (Take 1)
  • "Waving My Arms In The Air" (Take 1)
  • "I Never Lied To You" (Take 1)
  • "Love Song" (Take 1)
  • "Dominoes" (Take 1)
  • "Dominoes" (Take 2)
  • "It Is Obvious" (Take 2)

Attached is the video for "Dominoes" for your listening pleasure.