80’s @ 8 Feature Video –
Tonight's 80's @ 8 Feature Video is from just outside the 80's...1992...and Def Leppard's smash album Adrenalize. "Let's Get Rocked" incorporated ground-breaking computer-generated effects for the early 90's.
Duran Duran to play iTunes Festival
It's tough these days to find something FREE. Radio is free, but not TV. You can find a free lunch from time to time. Maybe free meat on Mondays. But rarely will you find a free concert!
Every year, the largest music downloading company, iTunes, showcases some of their most popular artists in a …
80’s Miniseries ‘V’ Finally Returns, Again
So when I was a kid growing up in the 80's, one of my most favorite shows on TV was 'V The Visitors'. If you remember, it was a pretty low budget miniseries that involved aliens coming to earth. The special effects were pretty cool (for the time) and the actors were mostly unknowns...