Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson Plea Deal Could Come As Early As Today
A plea agreement between Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Montgomery County Texas prosecutors, reducing the charges against the NFL star to a misdemeanor could come as early as today. That would essentially end the legal case against Peterson, but it remains unclear if the league w…
Adrian Peterson’s Troubles Deepen
Adrian Peterson is scheduled to appear in a Texas court tomorrow to address charges of child abuse, and remains suspended by the Minnesota Vikings -- but according to a report by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, that may only be the beginning of a new onslaught of problems.
BREAKING: Adrian Peterson Likely Done For Season
Early this morning (Wednesday) the Minnesota Vikings announced that they had placed running back Adrian Peterson on the 'NFL Commissioners Exemption List' -- keeping him off the team for the entire season while the legal process plays out.
Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Weighs In On Adrian Peterson
The fallout continued to accumulate today following Adrian Peterson's indictment on charges of negligent injury of a child on Friday. Today Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton called the situation, "a public embarrassment," calling on the Vikings to suspend Peterson until the case …

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