Apple vs. The FBI (And Why Apple Needs To Win)
A federal judge has ordered Apple to comply with F.B.I. request to unlock an iPhone 5c that was owned by one of the San Bernardino terrorists -- however Apple is pushing back, in the name of encrypted security for all customers. I'm all about national security, but I&ap…
Apple’s New Siri Technology Has a (Hilarious) Mind of Its Own
Apple’s voice-recognition technology, Siri, has been lauded for its groundbreaking ability to understand natural human language rather than just simple commands. In the past, most people have used it for various mundane activities — finding the nearest sushi restaurant or theater showtimes for a mov…
Steve Jobs Steps Down
Founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, resigned from his position yesterday - effective immediately. Jobs has been battling some health issues which are affecting his ability to uphold the duties expected of him.