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Baxter’s Attic: Savoy Brown – “Tell Mama”
In the Attic this morning a song from Savoy Brown off of their 7th studio album "Hellbound Train", released back in 1971. The album was the first since the departure of Lonesome Dave, Roger Earl and Tone Stevens, who all went on to form Foghat...
Baxter’s Attic: Elvin Bishop Band – “Travelin’ Shoes”
In the Attic this morning, an artist that played at Baily Ray's Santiago Shakedown several years back. Elvin Bishop was a National Merit Scholar majoring in physics when he joined the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in the 60s. In 1968 he formed the Elvin Bishop Band...
Baxter’s Attic: Black Sabbath – “War Pigs”
We got a request for Black Sabbath in the Attic this morning. "War Pigs" is often thought of as a song about evil, when actually it's about the horrors of war. Sabbath got the idea for the song while hearing war stories at an U.S. Air Force base while touring Europe.
Baxter’s Attic: Rare Earth – “I Just Want to Celebrate”
This morning in the Attic we played some Rare Earth for you all. Rare Earth was the first all white band signed to Motown Records. When I was still a teenager, our next door neighbor at the lake was a nice lady named Elda. She used to tell me that her nephew, Mark Olson, was in the band Rare Earth..…

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