Baxter's Attic

Baxter’s Attic, Uriah Heep – “Easy Livin”
Some vintage stuff from Uriah Heep's "Demons and Wizards" album released in 1972 in the Attic this morning. Uriah Heep was a pioneer in the heavy metal category. I had this album on 8 track (kids, ask your parents) and probably went through a few of them...
BAXTER’S ATTIC Montrose “Rock the Nation”
Back in the day, I remember cruising in my 71 Firebird with my Montrose 8 track cranked!!
Every weekday around 9:30, we pull one out of the attic. In case you are new,the Attic is a mythical place where we were “enlightened” by great music…and other stuff...

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