Love Those Winter Panfish
When it comes to ice fishing, I am definitely someone that thrives on panfish. Crappies and sunnies have a way of keeping me entertained through the entire frozen water period.
Rainy Lake Keeps on Giving
This was the eighth year for our group of anglers that make an annual trek to Island View Lodge on Rainy Lake. Although every year is a little different, the one common theme that runs through the entire eight year period is the successful walleye angling we encounter.
Do Your Homework Before Exploring New Water
Every summer I make an effort to explore a few new lakes to see if there are bodies of water I am not familiar with that need some attention. I also make a concerted effort to spend time looking for new fishing spots on my list of regulars. Either way, there is some research that is done before I ge…
Wacky Options for All Summer
It was going to be an interesting day on the water. I had two enthusiastic anglers in my boat that had limited fishing experience. As we were casting weedless jigs and jigworms along the deep weedline, it became apparent to me that they had not developed the feel and finesse for this style of anglin…
Fishing Tips With Pro Angler Dusty Minke
This week's tips focus on Minnesota's Take A Kid Fishing Weekend. Dusty shares a great way to introduce fishing to kids and a little recipe secret that will make your fish fry even tastier.
Take A Kid Fishing This Weekend
Hey kids, listen up. You don't need a license to fish in Minnesota -- and this weekend, adults don't either as long as they take you along. It's 'Take A Kid Fishing' Weekend in Minnesota this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; and adults that take a child 15 & younger fis…
Walleye: Trolling For Speed Bumps
It was a hard thing to understand. According to my electronics, the large, rocky reef we were targeting was littered with scattered pods of fish. From previous experiences at this location, we were certain the arcs on the screen were walleye. We just couldn’t make them bite.

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