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Breaking the Barriers in a Relationship is a Two Way Street [VIDEO]
The start of a new relationship can always be a little sketchy when it comes to the timing of barrier breaking. At what point is it OK to leave your toothbrush at his house? When is it acceptable to have the 'move in together' conversation? Well this couple isn't going to help you answer either of t…
Best Elevator Prank Ever! [VIDEO]
Elevators can be awkward right? Getting into a tiny space with total strangers, even for a short amount of time, is never pleasant, it's just weird. But this specific talking elevator takes the awkwardness to another level by making it down-right embarrassing.
Man Proposes…But Dies First [VIDEO]
Seriously?! What woman in her right mind would actually say yest to a guy who fakes his own death before proposing? That's a little morbid, and incredibly messed up if you ask me.
News Anchor Needs to Brush Up on His Vocabulary [VIDEO]
I will never claim to be a vocabulary junkie, but I do think I have a broad enough knowledge of the dictionary to help me not sound like an idiot all the time. This news anchor on the other hand, could really use a little help with a very basic word.
What does MPH stand For? [VIDEO]
We have all heard the stereotypes about blond women, and thankfully, the majority of the time these stereotypes turn out to be nothing more than a cruel joke. Unfortunately, the blond woman in this video doesn't seem to be in on the joke. This is one of those rare golden moments where a person says …
Sports Anchor Falls Off His Stool [VIDEO]
This poor sports anchor loses his stool - literally, he does make an impressive recovery, but get ready to laugh out loud. I'm just warning you in case you are sitting in a quiet office, I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed.  Check it out!

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