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YouTube Video to be Made into Feature Film [VIDEO]
Remember this viral video? It's the "Ultimate Dog Teaser" one that racked up more than 94 million views on YouTube, so chances are good you have seen it. How would you feel if the (currently free) 1 minute and 21 second video was turned into a full-length motion picture that you would obvi…
Will Ferrell Brings his Comedy to the Basketball Court [VIDEO]
Will Ferrell is currently shooting his next movie 'Dog Fight' in New Orleans. After work the other night he decided to go over to the New Orleans Arena and catch the game between the Hornets and the Chicago Bulls - which sounds pretty normal right? Until he decided to grab the mic and do t…
Proof that Things Don’t Always go as Planned…[VIDEO]
For some reason this guy thought it would be a good idea to attempt to reenact the famous slide across the floor while 'Old Time Rock 'n Roll' plays in the background just like Tom Cruise did in the movie 'Risky Business'. Well, he was wrong, but what he did right was video …
Festivus at the Office [VIDEO]
If you have never heard of 'Festivus' click here to see the official story. Then proceed to watch the Loon staff and co-workers air their grievances for 2011.

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