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Everyone Loves a Good Prank…Right? [VIDEO]
Working retail on Black Friday has got to be stressful, and I'm willing to bet this Target employee had enough to deal with on one of the busiest shopping days of the year without being pranked. But it sure does make for some great entertainment for the rest of us.
How Not to Parallel Park [VIDEO]
I understand parallel parking can be difficult, but come on! I can't believe I actually have to say this...but if your car doesn't fit in the parking spot, don't park there. I know it sounds simple and obvious, but this guy apparently didn't know that's how it works. Serious…
Politicians Fight on Tlevision [VIDEO]
This is a video of a televised foreign policy debate that got a little heated (to say the least) the other night and it's hilarious. No need to care about the language barrier, even though you can't understand them, anytime you get to watch adults act like children is solid entertainment.
NBA Fundraiser?
The lockout is still in progress, and now NBA players and staff have taken to the streets to raise money so they can maintain their livelihood. Check out this parody and let us know if you feel moved to donate -- all they need is $200-million or so to get going.
Melissa McCarthy Kills It on Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]
I was a huge fan of 'Saturday Night Live' growing up in the 90's, but in the past few years SNL just hasn't been as good as it once was. But when I saw that Melissa McCarthy ('Mike and Molly', 'Bridesmaids') was going to be the host Saturday (October 1st) I set my DVR. Let me just say, she did not d…
Remote Control Roundup [VIDEO]
Nothing less than solid entertainment right here! I wonder if this would work on Baxter? If you have a couple minutes to waste at work and you are in need of a good laugh, check this out!
Kardashian Sisters Mocked by News Anchor [VIDEO]
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian recently did an interview with Fox 29 in Philadelphia via satellite. When the interview was over anchor Mike Jerrick took it upon himself to mock the Kardashian sister's voices and outfits, and it's hilarious!

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