‘Hangover 3′ to Begin Filming in Las Vegas This Summer
‘The Hangover 3′ is happening. Though ‘The Hangover, Part II’ was basically a remake of the original film and mostly disappointed critics, the sequel made a ton of money (it was the fourth highest grossing film of 2011) and WB and director Todd Phillips have been quietly planning the third and final…
Twins Misspell Player’s Name [VIDEO]
MINNEAPOLIS – Twins Pitcher Jeff Manship wasn’t feeling the love from his own team last (Wednesday) night, when the jersey he was given had his last name spelled incorrectly.
Instead of “Manship”, it read “Mansihp”.
Video Co…
Andy Samberg Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’ [VIDEO]
Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig were the main reason I allowed 'Saturday Night Live' to take up precious space on my DVR, and now they are both gone from the show. Samberg confirmed the rumor on Friday, but he also managed to give us a little hope, hinting that he may not be entirely done wi…
Really, Lunchroom Massacre?
Tell me this happens at other workplaces besides mine. We had a potluck at my office on Monday and had lots of potato chips and other snacks leftover. By Tuesday afternoon, I walk into our lunchroom and people had all the bags of chips, cookies, etc open on the table.
Really, TV Spoiler?
With our lives becoming busier and busier each day, who has time to watch TV anymore? Luckily, we can rely on our DVR, right? That’s pretty much how a majority of us are now watching TV. We have the luxury of recording it and watching it when we have free time. And we are committed t…

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