Really, Texting While Driving?
This could pretty much write itself, couldn’t it? I can’t even believe that I still see this out on the roads, but there it was in black and white yesterday while driving home from work. Texting and driving and this jackass lady wasn’t even trying to h…
Really? Hillbilly is a Language?
I called my dentist's office last week to make an appointment. Seems like a fairly uneventful task, right? So, I make the call and a receptionist picks up. "Hello, blah-blah Dentist office, how may I help you?"
Is Kristen Wiig Leaving ‘SNL’? [VIDEO]
It looks like this is true. For all you avid 'Saturday Night Live' watchers you know Kristen has been a huge part of the show for the past 7 years. But even if you don't tune in to the live sketch comedy series, you more than likely know who Kristen is from movies like 'Knocked U…
Really? No Dumb Questions?
I was at work the other day and I heard someone say, “There’s no such thing as a dumb question.” First of all, that’s such a generic thing to say to someone. And second, what? Are you frickin’ kidding me? People ask me stupi…
Really, People Hanging Out the Window?
So the weather has gotten much nicer, right? This of course is great in almost every aspect, except one thing. Warm weather means windows open in cars and windows open in cars means it time for jackasses to hang their arms out the window.
10 Clues You’re About to Be Fired
Times are tough and big business types are looking for excuses to reduce their workforce to preserve their ridiculous salaries, unnecessary bonuses and pure ivory staplers that only work with staples made of gold.
If you fit one of the following signs, it might be time to get your resume in order and…
That Tag Says What?!
The tag on the inside of a pair of Chinos has sparked some controversy - with good reason! What was meant to be a joke, is really not so funny if you ask me. I consider myself pretty laid back when it comes to jokes - I'm not easily offended - but when a sexist "joke" like thi…

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