Jimi Hendrix

Famous ‘Burned’ Jimi Hendrix Guitar Sold at Auction
Hopefully the Jimi Hendrix fan who dropped nearly $380K for a guitar that was allegedly torched on stage in 1967 didn't immediately begin searching for the fire damage. The famous, black Fender Stratocaster was sold at auction this week (Nov. 27) by James Wright, a manager at Hendrix's rec…
BAXTER’S ATTIC Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced” [VIDEO]
1st album (kids,ask your parents) I ever bought after music guru, Dale Massee played it for me!
Every weekday around 9:30, we pull one out of the attic. In case you are new,the Attic is a mythical place where we were “enlightened” by great music…and other stuff...
Jimi Hendrix’s Dad Wasn’t a Fan of His Singing
For millions of fans, Jimi Hendrix's musical legacy is beyond reproach -- but he wasn't above a little criticism from his father Al, who reportedly thought he would have been better off finding a different singer for the Experience.

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