jonathon winters

‪Football!! Jonathon Winters Classic
Here's more from the improv genius, that is Jonathon Winters. Dean Martin was quoted as saying that Jonathon would make this stuff up as he went. Dean said, he himself would have no idea what Jonathon was going to say. It's clear to see why some of the greatest comics, like Richard Pryo…
Jonathan Winters Roasts Frank Sinatra
As you might know, I'm a Jonathan Winters nut. This clip is from a roast of Frank Sinatra in 1978. I believe Jonathan is one of the funniest ever. Keep in mind this is all improv.

Red Riding Hood as told by Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Winters gives a Soprano's-style spin to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood in this scene from his limited release film 'Certifiably Jonathan'. There's also a campaign to have him host SNL. A worthy host, if I must say so, the guy practically invented improv...