The Rebirth of a Superstar — The Late Elizabeth Taylor
As amazing as it may seem, Lindsay Lohan is back to work in a big fashion, she has taken the role as the ever so beautiful yet late Elizabeth Taylor and you would never know the difference. Lindsay had to dye her hair a deep brunette shade and that with the lavender contact lens and boom: Elizabeth …
New Movies This Weekend at Parkwood Cinemas [6/1/12]
Three epic struggles between good and evil grapple for your movie moola this weekend: A re-telling of a Brother's Grimm original, an end of the school year stoner flick and an historically accurate bio-pic all make their silver screen debut.
Dario Franchitti Wins 96th Indy 500 [VIDEO]
A flurry of cautions, a record amount of lead changes and blistering heat made up one amazing day for Dario Franchitti as he took the drink of milk in Gasoline Alley and the checkered flag at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 96th Indy 500 race.
Sloan’s 5 Must-Know Grilling Tips
Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional unofficial start of summer - and even though we've had great grilling weather for a month or so already, you may want to hone your skills by reading this breakdown of advice from the man who was born on fire, in a pile of charcoal, covered with BBQ sauce.
New Movies This Weekend at Parkwood Cinemas [5-25-12]
4 British stuffed shirts loosen up after they check into an overseas hotel, 6 unsuspecting American tourists slowly disappear after they visit Chernobyl, and 3 men in black travel back and forth in time to save the world. Again.
New Vikings Stadium Is A Done Deal [PHOTOS]
A new Vikings stadium is just one illegible, hastily scrawled Governor’s signature away from being a reality. The State Senate passed the bill earlier today and it now moves on to the willing quill of Gov. Dayton.

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