Baxter’s Daily Factoid
Doing my best to make you just a bit smarter and more informed. Did you know?
A person, theoretically, would have to consume nearly 15,000  pounds of marijuana within a 15 minute period to die of an overdose.   Well, now you know.  Check tomorrow for another Baxter's Daily Factoid 
Update to Completely Legal Pothead Resort Coming to South Dakota
A couple weeks ago I was made aware of a completely legal pothead resort coming to South Dakota. I wasn't surprised about the excited opinions of our listeners regarding this resort plan going full steam ahead!
Good news for those who can't wait to get out to South Dakota and take in the re…
Loon Morning Rundown: Gotta Have More Cowbell [AUDIO]
The St. Cloud man who became a victim of a dangerous swatting prank, new app in the works to help you keep a handle on kids behind the wheel. Plus, another round of Show & Tell and you won't believe what Jesse brought in... or maybe you will.

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