Joe Walsh to Run for Congress?
Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has often joked about running for office, announcing a tongue-in-cheek presidential campaign in 1980 and throwing his name in the hat for vice president in 1992. But in a new interview to promote his solo album ‘Analog Man,’ the musician reveals he&Cl…
Charles Colson, Nixon’s ‘Hatchet Man,’ Dies at Age 80
Brilliant political strategist, born-again evangelical Christian and convicted obstructor of justice Charles Colson, a pivotal player in President Nixon’s political life, passed away at Inova Fairfax hospital at the age of 80 on Saturday, after suffering a brain hemorrhage earlier th…
Did Newt Gingrich Fall Asleep Live on Camera?
The pace at which the Republican presidential race is going, it’s surely going take a toll on the various candidates. Lack of sleep being one. Case in point, Newt Gingrich, who dozed off in front of the camera during the live streaming at the AIPAC conference.