Big Lake Man Charged With Tax Crimes
A Big Lake man faces big fines and possibly prison time after the Minnesota Department of Revenue says he failed to file tax returns, failed to pay sales tax from his business and continued collecting sales tax after his license was revoked.
Rockville Residents See No Benefit From Gas Tax [VIDEO]
People living in cities under 5,000 people are paying a tax that they aren't seeing a benefit from. Minnesota has tax on unleaded gas of 28.6 cents per gallon and 28.6 cents per gallon on diesel. The taxes paid go to county, state and township roads but nothing to small towns.
7 Apps Guaranteed to Make Tax Season a Breeze
Tax season isn’t fun for anyone. While filing your taxes means digging through shoeboxes of receipts, guessing at what number goes on which line and and pounding your head against real or imaginary walls, it can be even worse.
Luckily there are a few great apps that can help ease the …

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