‘Walking Dead’ Popularity Prompts Spike in Gun Sales
On the one hand, a lot of people are going to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse in case that ever happens. On the other hand, a lot of people out there are buying guns to protect themselves from zombies. According to a gun rights advocate as well as a gun store owner, people are preparing themselv…
Zombies Attack In Awesome Banned Commercial [VIDEO]
In case you were wondering how much is too much for Norwegian television, here's your answer. This advertisement for Scandinavian sporting goods chain XXL caused an uproar when it aired over the weekend. People complained that it was too violent and graphic, maybe because of that scene when a z…
Walking Dead Writing Staff Still Alive
Reports earlier this week on deadline.com were that Frank Darbont leveled a headshot to the writing crew of AMC's massively popular zombie serial 'The Walking Dead'.