Remember those cheap underwater cameras that the convenience stores used to sell? They were uber expensive and bulky, but they took some great shots when you hit the beach, and when you went under in the lakes. They're pretty hard to come by nowadays, and even if you do stumble across one, you'll be hard pressed to ever see the pics due to the virtual disappearance of places to get actual film developed.

As phone cameras have become the norm for photos and video in the last 5 years, the chances are pretty slim of getting great beach and under the lake shots, or fantastic reef snorkeling shots from your spring break/summer vacation. Until now, that is-

Aryca remedies that situation with the WAVE case, a fully submersible case for iPhone 4S/4. The company's literature says that the case keeps your iPhone4s/4;

100% dry and safe at depths of up to 99ft. underwater. You can capture video and share it through Youtube or post to Facebook even before you surface.

The Wave (and it's sister products like The Tide and The Rock for iPad) has a clear protective silicon cover that shows the full screen and preserves it's functionality, so you can watch videos, answer email, text and use apps without leaving the water.

The cases are designed specifically for in-water and near-water use and the company says it's ideal for pretty much any water activity or sport.  The cases even come in fun beach colors like pink, blue and yellow, in additon to the iPhoney black and white. Another cool feature is the sturdy neck strap, so if it happens to slip out of your hands, it's not plummeting to bottom of the ocean, or into the gaping maw of that Muskie stalking you.

The closest place to St. Cloud I've found that carries this is Marine Max in Rogers.

Here's a video that shows some actual footage taken using it from a company called Keystone that sells the cases.