Ronda Rousey kicks ass for a living. The combined times of all of her pro fights far exceeds the time that I can run. She's had a very public feud with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, maintaining that she could beat his ass. Not many people argue that.

And then there's Tank Abbott. Tank is a 50-year old former pro wrestler-turned-MMA fighter. His MMA record is a staggering unimpressive 10-15.

While offering his opinion on the Rousey-Mayweather feud during The Proving Ground podcast, Abbott said that Mayweather would "knock the living stuffing out of Rousey."

The charmer from Huntington Beach, California went on to issue a formal challenge to "any woman on this Earth," later clarifying, "You can't be, like, a gotta be a female. Born a female."

Tough guy concluded the subject by stating that after he beats the woman, she'll have to make him a sandwich.

How is this guy not drowning in women?!