Ted Nugent is sharing his love of guns with the viewing public tonight on a new TV special. 

It's not a huge secret that Ted Nugent is a big fan of firearms, but fans and gun enthusiasts alike will get to see his stash tonight on the new TV special Ted Nugent's Gun Country which will air this evening on Discovery Channel.

Viewers will get a sneak peek into his real life away from the stage and Ted tells Guitar World Magazine that he's "clean and sober" and says he's "passionate" and "very alive" and that the TV special captures him in his element and as he is. He also explains that the TV special was not his idea. Ted says the network came to him with the project and that they thought he would be a fun subject. Obviously Ted agreed.

Viewers will be taken on a hunt on Ted's ranch near Waco, Texas and watch as he selects his weapon of choice before he heads out into the woods. Not sure how gory it's going to get, but what I can tell you is the Ted and his son bring home their catch and have it for dinner.

Ted Nugent's Gun Country airs tonight at 9pm on Discovery Channel.