Yeah. Because nothing could go wrong here.

Singer and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent has been invited by Texas Representative Steve Stockman as his personal guest for tonight's State of the Union Address. Not only will Ted be in attendance, rumor has it, he's going to be front and center.

Ted Nugent became known to Secret Service agents last year after making some controversial remarks about President Barack Obama at the NRA Convention. More specifically, Ted said that as America, we are "wiping our ass with the Constitution" and called the president and several others in prominent government positions "criminals" and urged voters to "chop their heads off in November". That prompted an "appropriate follow-up" with agents. Ted later clarified saying that it was a metaphor and he was in no way hinting at doing violence on our president.

Recently, it seems Ted has cooled off and even offered suggestions to Vice President Joe Biden on how to help stem the tide of gun violence in America.

We shall see what happens. President Obama's State of the Union Address will be delivered tonight in front of Congress and distinguished guests and aired on all major networks, news outlets, PBS and streamed on the web beginning at 8pm Central time.