In quite the turn of events, rocker Ted Nugent is saying he wants to help Vice President Joe Biden on his gun violence task force.

It seemed like in 2012, every time we turned on the TV, there was a shooting involving mass casualties somewhere in America; prompting many to call for the National Rifle Association to be shut down, an all out ban on any type of gun and the repeal of the Second Amendment. Even Ted Nugent's show Gun Country was pulled in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown.

The gun debate in this country heated up like I've never seen or heard and now, in a recent open letter to Vice President Joe Biden that was published in The Washington Times, Ted Nugent writes that he disagrees with President Barack Obama on a lot of things, but he does give his full support to the president to "end these tragedies" and is even offering some help and suggestions on how to meet in the middle.

Ted says in the letter that he is a "gun expert" and would like to create a series of Public Service Announcements that are aimed at strengthening building strong communities and how to spot mentally unstable people. Ted is also asking for a ban on "gun free zones" and supports arming and training teachers and other school staff so they can be the first line of defense to keep schools safe. He adds that he wants a ban on gun free zones, but does not think that banning weapons outright is a good idea. Ted explains in the letter that, "we should never recommend or develop public policy that restricts the rights of the good guys based upon what evil people do or might do."

Ted closes the letter reminding Vice President Biden that in 2008, he said that he did not support banning handguns and has asked for Biden to contact him for more.

Do you think Joe will take him up on his offer?