Ted Nugent has another award to add to his mantle, but this one sounds like it’s made up. 

Ted Nugent snagged himself a Golden Moose Award over the weekend from the Outdoor Channel.

Ted received the honor for Fan Favorite Best Host for his show Spirit of the Wild and dedicated it to his fans. About the award, Ted Said that he has been “extremely blessed” in his life and that he has had a “very special, strong connection” with this fans, especially the hard working, hard playing hunting, fishing and outdoors families and said that his award was “for them”. He also got the award last year.

Ted was nominated for two other awards for Fan Favorite Best Overall Series and Fan Favorite Best Hunting Series.

Apparently this was the 13th annual Golden Moose Awards, but it still sounds made up. I looked and there are no photos from the awards ceremony, the Outdoor Channel doesn't even have a website and I can't find it on my DirecTV channel line up. I've never won an award. Ever. Maybe it's time I start making some on my computer.

Why not? Ted Nugent did.