The name may not ring a bell immediately but I'm willing to bet Jim Paratore had a hand in at least one show you have or do watch.

Jim died yesterday (Tuesday May 29) of an apparent heart attack during a bike trip in France, he was 58 years old.

Jim was the president of Telepictures which is a division of Warner Bros. Back in 2006 he started to develop the digital side of his business by coming up with the concept for and he had a huge part in the TMZ television show.

His credits go on and on, some include: 'Lopez Tonight', 'The People's Court', 'Extra', 'Bachelor', and 'Judge Mathis'. But arguably his biggest success is the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After Ellen came out of the closet in 1997 no one wanted to take a chance on her, except Jim Paratore. Jim saw what an incredible talent Ellen was and produced the Ellen DeGeneres Show for her which aired its first show on September 8th 2003 and is now a huge success.

Jim is survived by his wife and daughter, but will be greatly missed by many who considered him part of their family.