The 64,000 dollar question is where would classic rock songs be without good old TV or radio, I guess any music for that matter? Long before MTV or VH1, radio was the key outlet for us to hear the rock music we know and love today.Some of the great TV shows that helped us get introduced to the music were Shindig, American Bandstand (hosted by Dick Clark), oh yea can't forget Hullaballoo (featured a different host each week), remember those?

In a way thanks to the media, our hero for making our lives less miserable by bringing the tunes our way and being an influence to band names, such as; Television and Radiohead!

Thanks to TV and radio as they were the catalyst of music becoming commercially successful, think of it though to the survival of rock music without concerts, tapes, albums, singles, etc... it may have struggled for years to get to the mainstream of things.

This series of articles is designed to recognize those artist whom created songs with a radio/TV theme:

No doubt some notable examples for you to review, click on the artist name for a direct link or the buttons at the bottom of each page.

Let's have some fun and listen to the radio and watch TV through the music, "ah ah ah Don't Touch That Dial!"