A very prolific and persistent band since 1965, a band for the most part emerged into Foghat.Since 1965 to present day Savoy Brown has produced 32 studio and live albums, not-to-mention; highly visible because of the relentless touring for 45 or more years.

With all that being said Savoy Brown has never been been able to achieve the well deserved recognition with all that on their resume'.

Why?, well when you consider the band has had nine lead singers, seven guitarists, 16 bass players, 16 different drummers and throw in the three keyboard players it's almost like starting over and over.

The band was originally named Savoy Brown Blues Band and formed by Kim Simmonds (guitarist) is the only remaining original member since day one.

Their essential album would be that of 'Street Corner Talking'.

Savoy Brown performing "Street Corner Talking".