Status Quo is a band that got started in 1967 and haven't stopped since. The song "Pictures of Matchstick Men" will probably stir a lot of memories."Pictures of Matchstick Men" was Status Quo's first hit single in the U.S.,however; it was their last.

Oddly enough more than 60 of their songs and 30 of their albums have charted in the U.K.

Throughout time as we know times as well as tastes change and Status Quo have somehow morphed with the styles whether it be pyschedelia to boogie to hard rock..

They have a 33 album catalog that includes both studio and live albums and quite the fan base both large and loyal throughout much of the world outside the U.S.

Their essential album is best known as 'The Singles Collection 1966-73'.

Status Quo performing "Pictures of Matchstick Men" from 1968.