The big breasts get all of the attention. I know because sometimes I really have to fight to get men to look eight inches north of my chest. Sometimes I wish I had a smaller chest, but I was just built this way and I just work with what I was given. A lot of smaller breasted ladies wish they had bigger breasts, but I am here to give you some reasons to love small breasts. 

They're Cute - They just are. They look friendly and happy and sweet. They're also charming in a profile.

They Don't Sag - This is not an insult to my large chested sisters out there, but small breasts look perkier longer.

Yoga is Much Easier - I have to worry every time I do downward facing dog that they're going to fall out of my top then I get distracted and want to put them back where they belong. Jogging is also simpler. I have to wear two bras when I go for a run.

Strapless Dresses Aren't a Big Deal - Again, I have to worry about them falling out if I move wrong. And most of the time, strapless dresses are ill-fitting on bigger chests and just look plain weird.

You Can Go Braless - As uncomfortable as a huge assed bra with wide straps and five hooks is, sometimes it's more comfortable than just having them swinging in the breeze.

You Can Do Low Cut Tops - Again, the huge assed bras aren't always made for low cut tops. I need a full coverage cup and they aren't always v-neck friendly.

So, what do you think? Do you love big boobs or small boobs or do you just love all boobs?